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Grief Coaching

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Senior Happiness Group Founder & Facilitator


Meet Health & Life Coach Darrell Price


Darrell is a highly experienced Certified Life/Health Coach & Workshop Facilitator. Darrell earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services & competed in NCAA collegiate athletics. He has over 14 years of experience working with diverse populations in the private and public sectors. After working for over 7 years in the personal coaching industry & workshop capacity, he developed a strong interest in helping the overall person.  He incorporates positive psychology to increase awareness in the mental, emotional and spiritual side of becoming a more complete person. Observing the close relationship between mind and body lead him to further training through The Institute for Functional Medicine. He is an Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Certified Health Coach.

He is a Co-Founder of the Journey to Happiness Seniors Group, The Four Agreements Journey and Founder of the Caregiver Support Group and Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group. Additionally, Darrell meets with clients individually.  Having helped hundreds of people along their journey, Darrell has the experience, knowledge and skills to guide you to optimal health. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious and you are guaranteed to be impacted in a positive manner from his coaching style. His life’s work is to help you discover the tools, goals and strengths that can make you become a better version of “YOU”!

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Grief Coaching

Overcoming grief is a vulnerable and intimate journey. Darrell has extensive experience in walking clients through this, and helping them find their way.  

Desert Road

Four Agreements Journey

Based on the powerful wisdom found in the international best Seller: The Four agreements. 

Wild Path

Life & Health Coaching Package

Although most of our Functional Medicine packages already include health and life coaching, many choose to add extra coaching packages.  

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