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We are your team, here to restore your health and restore your life. After a detailed analysis of your health history, we use cutting edge labs, genetic testing, traditional and natural medications, supplements and foods to formulate your customized health plan. This health plan will be brought to life with the help of Dr. Megan Stone, Life and Health Coach Darrell Price and YOU. Together, we will get you there!

We integrate all parts of you, as an individual person, into your care. This means that we will get to know your history, your strengths, and weaknesses, your passions and also identify your roadblocks to health.  Functional Medicine is a cutting-edge approach to health. It is different from the standard medical care in that we seek to find the cause of disease and prevent, halt and reverse it with cutting edge labs and therapies.


We believe that achieving better health is possible for all. We will meet you where you are and set attainable goals. Functional and Integrative Medicine seeks to help bring your body back into balance. Whether you’re struggling with Diabetes, Brain fog, Alzheimer’s Disease, Hashimoto’s, Multiple Sclerosis, or hormone imbalances, we seek to uncover the underlying driving factors and work toward reducing and eliminating symptoms. The “disease” is not the focus—the underlying imbalance is where our attention lies. The same principles can be applied to preventing disease as well.

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