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Functional Medicine

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Dr. Megan Stone,

As a Board-Certified Physician, I am licensed and trained to combine the medical knowledge of your underlying conditions and medications with the holistic approach to healing sought after by Functional and Integrative Medicine. My goal is to help you find and keep the health you deserve. I invite you to jump off the disease bandwagon and join the EPIDEMIC OF HEALTH!

Functional Medicine
What you've been looking for in a Doctor


This is a Functional Medicine Clinic, designed to help you reach your optimal level of health through prevention and reversal of the disease.


Do you ever get that sense that your Primary Doctor or Specialist does not have the time to know your full history, hear about your symptoms or educate you on your health conditions?

Do you ever feel that you may never improve and will continue to take more medications forever?

Do you ever feel lost or worried that you are just another number in the current healthcare system?

Are you looking for a team to help you navigate the healthcare world and prevent the onset of disease?

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The Power of the Health and Life Coach in Functional Medicine

The Health and Life coach is a vital component to a successful Functional Medicine Practice.  Combining the unique skills of a Functional Medicine Physician with a certified, highly trained Health and Life Coach, creates a synergistically powerful effect on your outcome.  Dr. Stone and Coach Darrell Price work seamlessly to bring you a full and complementary health plan. Darrell helps clients identify barriers to success, discover their strengths and provides accountability and education. More importantly, he guides you on the ever-important “Hero’s Journey” of identifying and letting go of previously limiting factors, venturing into a new world of change and finally, triumphing with the health you deserve! We provide the research and science-based knowledge of Dr. Stone combined with the highly trained and compassionate work of Coach Darrell Price – all we need is for you to JUST SHOW UP, with an open mind and a willingness to experience a new sense of health and purpose!


See Darrell’s feature on the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy site

The “disease” is not the focus—the underlying imbalance is where our attention lies

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